Kickstarter was a success. So what's next?

       I ran a kickstarter for Crimson Rider #1 and it was a smashing success for everyone involved, I'm looking at you Tyler and Justin! So what's next? Well, there are two more issues of Crimson Rider before I let her free of my reigns and at that point, I'll move on to my next project which I won't announce until we are closer. Pretty soon I will have some other very exciting news to announce about what else I have coming up, two things actually and one does include the Crimson Rider in a whole different format than comics!

       Life has been insane for me lately, running a trucking company with my boss, raising two kids with my beautiful wife Jenna, and writing comics (along with a few related dreams that I'm chasing, details soon!) Life has been good to me, and I'm grateful for that. I've had an overwhelming amount of support of late including a surprise comic release party Jenna had for me. I will attach a few photos from the night so you can see what went down.

Thanks for reading!

Zach D.

Why the Crimson Rider?

   When I was in 9th grade at Waterford Kettering High School, I fell in love with independent horror movies, zombie movies, more specifically. Night of the living dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the dead, etc., the movies struck me as awesome in their cheesy effects and comedic elements and it dawned on me, “That doesn’t look too hard to make, I could make one for pretty cheap.”

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