Kickstarter was a success. So what's next?

       I ran a kickstarter for Crimson Rider #1 and it was a smashing success for everyone involved, I'm looking at you Tyler and Justin! So what's next? Well, there are two more issues of Crimson Rider before I let her free of my reigns and at that point, I'll move on to my next project which I won't announce until we are closer. Pretty soon I will have some other very exciting news to announce about what else I have coming up, two things actually and one does include the Crimson Rider in a whole different format than comics!

       Life has been insane for me lately, running a trucking company with my boss, raising two kids with my beautiful wife Jenna, and writing comics (along with a few related dreams that I'm chasing, details soon!) Life has been good to me, and I'm grateful for that. I've had an overwhelming amount of support of late including a surprise comic release party Jenna had for me. I will attach a few photos from the night so you can see what went down.

Thanks for reading!

Zach D.